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Our turn-key dining solutions not only provide customers with an exceptional dining service but also manages key operational and branding requirements while satisfying budget concerns.


We believe in creating partnerships with our customers based on integrity, trust and commitment. Our business modle allows us to equally share risk and reward, making each relationship mutually beneficial.


Our team are experienced with more than 10 years in culinary business. Leadership Team continually strives to create a culture where every team member has personal ownership in quality and customer satisfaction.


Our concept will be stylish culinary experience, up to date and commercially connected with the targeted market. We believe always serve fresh and halal food as the best offer to the client.





7am till 11pm (Weekdays)

7am till 12 midnight (Weekends)



Call us or find Walking Drums 

on Go-Food/Grab Food application



Phone:  021 27515536

HP: 0811 1116151




​Enjoy two different experiences on our cafe, with cozy indoor experience and relaxing outdoor experience.


Our cafe is also able to conduct birthday party, meeting or other events within our premises.


Please check out Social Media and website for latest updates on events.

Drums Speed Roastery

Every coffee begins with a story and is unique in its own way. We want to share the happiness with you by roasting the green beans with our own style of treatment


The green beans came from different areas of Indonesia. Each bringing their own unique taste

We also welcome everyone who wants to come by and see the roasting process.

Just make an appointment
and we are beyond happy
to have a cupping session with you



We offer food and beverage catering service for events such as: meeting, private party or other occasional events. 


Customize your own selection of dishes, and make your event an unforgettable moment.

We could bring our signature Live Cooking and Drums To Go for your special occasions with the talented chefs and baristas.

Brought to you by Salt & Pepper Culinary,

Stylish & Halal Culinary Service.



We serve another simple happiness for you and your loved one. Chips & Cake are availabe in portion and family size.


It's available for gift or snack box.

Follow @walkingdrumstreats for the detail and call us for reservation!

FrozenFood TakeAwayService

Our food is available for take away service and delivery service partnered with Go-Jek's Go-Food service.


We also offer pre-packed frozen food for some items.

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